We don’t do playdates often but when we do, I think it’s just about the cutest thing ever.  I don’t get to see B socialize with other kids all that much because he is in daycare full time.  That’s where he does all of his socializing.   The family only gets together a handful of times a year…..although I wish it was every weekend.

So when my neighbor asked if his daughter could stay over and play with B I was all for it!  They were babbling back and forth, I don’t even think they were using actual words.  Doesn’t matter, they were having a great time and obviously great conversation.

So I’m sitting at my desk and they are playing on the floor behind me. Have you ever looked at a toddler squat?  I mean, really looked at it?  It’s gorgeous!  Knees are out.  Butt is below parallel.  Heels down.  It’s a thing of beauty really.  So I was sitting there admiring the little girls perfect squat when I realized……..

she was peeing on my carpet.  Ooops!

Instead of sending her home for clean clothes, I have a pair of pants too big for B and my sister sent me her kids underoos.  Isn’t it the cutest when girls wear boy underoos?

I’m still breaking my cardinal rule with my blurry workout picture but is it at least getting the point across how tired I am?  Note to self: take the picture after your cool-down.



I feel like I am getting stronger. Although my numbers are no where near elite CrossFit athletes, these workouts are kicking my ass.  The 2nd picture, for example, I had to complete skip the WOD because I was absolutely done for.  Again, thank you Outlaw!

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