Like a mouse on a wheel

I had no intention of going to the gym today because B is sick. I don’t want coughing snotty crusted kids around my son (if we can help it) so I don’t do the same to others.  Well I was itching to lift so I texted our babysitter with crossed fingers hoping that she had no plans….and she didn’t!  Gosh darn I love having a babysitter on my street to come over at a moments notice!  Off to the gym I went!

FINALLY a focused picture!  Waited until after my cool down and my arms stopped shaking to take this one.  Your welcome.

Note the excitement for the front squat.  My 1RM was #165 and today I did 3 reps at #155.  Sounds like I need to be trying for my new 1RM soon!  I heavier front squat equals a heavier clean.

The WOD was modified because I didn’t have a place to do toes to bar.  Instead I doubled the sit ups.  That part was a bit too easy for me but I’ll keep that in mind for next time.  It’s a good problem to have.

It is unseasonably warm up here in New England that I have actually been toying with the idea of going for a run.  Key word “toying”.  Haven’t quite convinced myself yet.  Until I do, I will probably start doing Endurance training inside on a treadmill. Because we all love to feel like a mouse on a wheel, right?


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