The deets on roasted beets

Every so often I will buy something out of the ordinary in the produce section.  It’s not always delicious but it keeps things fun in the kitchen.  So when I saw these beautiful beets at the grocery store I jumped at it.  This past summer I was eating them fresh from my father’s garden and man were they good!  Growing up, the only way I would eat them was pickled.  I guess I had to wait quarter of a century for my tastes to mature because now I’m obsessed with them roasted.

The beauty of it is that it’s so simple.  Wash off the beet, wrap in foil and put in a 400* oven for 100 minutes.

Now before you roll your eyes, I realize that 100 minutes is too long but that’s what it took before I could easily insert a knife.  I was told that I could cut them in half and they would be done in 15 minutes but I’ll try that next time.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, these were large beets.

Once they are done, peel the skin off and cut them however big (or small) you want.  Toss them on a salad. Eat them plain.  Eat them with butter and salt. I don’t care how you eat then, just eat them.  And yes your poop will look like blood.


Doesn’t this look like guava paste?

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