A small miracle happened

A small miracle happened yesterday.  While I was out shopping I got a text from my stepdaughter offering to watch B while the hubs and I went to dinner.  Don’t mind if I do!

But it gets better…..

On the way home, B fell asleep in the car however I was able to successfully transition him to bed where he continued him nap.

And yes, it gets better……

For the first time in EVER I took a shower and got ready for our night out while B stayed asleep.  Wha?!  I kept going in there and checking on him because this is just nuts.  When I was done getting ready, I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself.  At this point I’m using to chasing B and keeping him out of the trash can or something.

So I popped open a bottle of Riesling that was literally calling my name.  Literally.


So there I sat in front of the fire, watching “Miami Ink” and drinking my delicious wine.  The stars had aligned the evening of February 13, 2016.

At dinner, I was reaching for some chapstick in my purse when I started to laugh.  I was so excited about going out that I forgot to clean out (or change) my purse.  I’m sure other mammas have this problem.  My date night purse consisted of my regular stuff….plus diapers, wipes and desitin.


Speaking of chapstick, of all things, I didn’t have any in my purse.  Did you know that butter makes a good alternative?

So I had a “food find” this week. Normally I don’t go running to the store for something I saw on a commercial but a) it looked good b) I also saw it on my iBotta app and c) I am not at all inspired to cook lately.

I had made buffalo cauliflower before and it was a bit of work.  I’m plumb tuckered out and don’t feel like cooking much lately so this looked absolutely fantastic.  Tastes great although B didn’t think so.  He was too busy working on the rotisserie chicken I bought.

Bottom line, I’ll buy it again.


Another week at the gym.  Managed 5 times which is better than when I was going to CrossFit.  Getting a little bit stronger every time!  5# doesn’t seem like much but it’s an accomplishment.

I’m sure you notice there is a ton of redundancy in Outlaws programming.  But you know what? The sh*t works.  When I want to switch it up, that’s what the WODs are for.


Below was absolutely positively terrible.  Why?  Because I was bored out of my ever living mind!  I am been wanting to run lately but it’s just too damn cold out there!  So one day I didn’t feel like lifting.  Instead I opted for CrossFit Endurance long intervals. If I was outside, this would not have been a problem but I didn’t have that choice.  I was on a treadmill and it was a nightmare.  Can you tell by my writing??

This is what it says,
7 minutes on, 7 minutes off
Incline of 2%
Range 2-5 rounds
Walked 3 minutes then began the intervals.  Running at 6.0 and walking at 3.0.  By the 3rd round, I wanted to scream.  So I left.


Happy Valentine’s Day all!!

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