Homemade minty butt paste

So I found some no-no foods that hard way….with a major MAJOR diaper rash. I felt horrible for the little dude. He was even walking funny.  On top of that, he was trying so hard to keep having fun and playing even though his butt was hurting so bad.

So we let him run around the house diaper free.  How much worse can it be than having a puppy?  He only peed on the floor a handful of times. And he was such a good sport about it that he helped me clean it up.   *swoon*

So while I was trying everything under the moon to help him feel better, I ended up calling the doctor.  For the first time, coconut oil wasn’t the answer.  Desitin wasn’t exactly doing the trick either.  So our lovely nurse told us to mix Aquaphor with Maalox.  Say wha?

Long story short, I use this and only this from now on.  I have bought a jug of aquaphor and have pre-mixed several containers; 1 for home and 2 for daycare.

My son’s butt now smells like mint.


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