Lift yourself up, dust yourself off and slap on some lipstick

Its finally starting to feel like spring around here but I know it wont stick around. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another snow. If I’m not mistaken, we had snow on April the last 2 years.

Here I sit on the couch in front of our broken pellet stove drinking a rather large mug of espresso with B sitting on the middle arm rest. Today there is a St Patty’s parade in one of the small quaint towns up here in Connecticut. Of course all week I said I would go, now the morning of, I don’t feel like it. Part of me wants to go just to do something different but then I’d have to deal with the hour drive, crowds and traffic.

Being the gym rat that I am, I’d rather go to the gym this morning. Not only for the obvious reasons but also because I need to shower!!! B is too young for me to leave alone while I shower. You know how moms always get suspicious when their kids are too quiet? Try being deaf. Its ALWAYS quiet. I much prefer noise. So, yes, I would prefer to go to the gym where there is daycare so I can shower. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use that excuse before.

Last week I was getting pretty hard on myself.  Not the ways I used to though. It wasn’t about body image or “I’m too fat”…..I’m past that.  Like 15 years past that. This was more of the “Getting Older” blues.  My family is far away and B isn’t able to play with his cousins, aunt/uncles and grandparents like I did mine.   On top of that, I miss me! I used to take the time to take care of myself; dress up, face on, hair done….but no time or energy for that anymore.  I’m quite confident that every single mother reading this post is nodding right now.

It took me a few days, but I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off.  First I started with putting on hot pink lipstick even though I was just going to drop B off at daycare and guess what?  My mood was way up.  Its interesting what a little lipstick will do for you.

One of the reasons why I stopped putting on my face is because I hate hating to clean it off every night.  It just occurred to me that I have to wash my face every night anyway… on my face went.  Many won’t agree that you need to wear makeup to feel/look pretty.  Well, I do and to each their own.

And yes I kept the hot pink lipstick on while I work out.  I shouldn’t knock the other girls that wear theirs when they do.  Maybe they are going through the same thing I am.




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