Bowl lickin’ good

Cake is in the oven, bowl is licked and B is napping.  Mamma got a little time for herself.

So B turns 2 (sobbing) on Monday and we are celebrating tomorrow with the family which explains the cake in the oven.  Growing up, my mom always made our cakes…..and my sister does the same for her kids now.  Some of my best memories are making birthday cakes so wanted to give it a try myself.  Unfortunatly, B is too young to help, and he is taking a nap, so I had to lick the bowl and spoon myself.  I don’t care what kind of “diet” you are on.  You must ALWAYS lick the bowl.

And the spoon.

And the beaters.

That reminds me of my favorite quote; “Good moms lets their kids lick the beaters.  Great moms turn them off first.”

I’ve continued to workout 5-6 days a week and eat a good diet. Diet isn’t good enough because my shoulders/arms are getting too big.  I actually cannot wear any of my shirts right now. It’s kind of a good problem to have.   On the other hand, I might just suck it up for a few more weeks because before long, I wont have to wear sleeves until the fall.

Made a snack recently that hits my sweet tooth and my carb macros; Wasa Crisp Bread (crackers), sunflower seed butter and banana.  If I don’t have enough carbs, I just don’t add the banana and it still does the trick for me.  I can eat this without hating myself…unlike the cake bowl I just licked.


This week was the first week of Spring which means we whipped out the grill and built a fire in the back yard.  Even though we don’t intentionally do it, we almost always grill and have a fire on the first day of Spring.  I actually think it is an unwritten rule that everyone must follow.


Then the next day it snowed.  I didn’t mind that it snowed but it was also a Monday which meant that my Facebook wall was full of people saying:
1) they hate Mondays
2) they hate snow
3) they hate snow on the 2nd day of Spring

So I pretty much logged off all day. I don’t need that kind of negativity.  And neither do you!


Now my house is filling up with the wonderful smell of chocolate cake which means the timer is about to go off.

“Hoppy” Easter everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Bowl lickin’ good

  1. Jennifer says:

    Loved the joke. Hoppy Easter to you too.

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