Coffee with Mr. Potato Head

This is what a hug in a bowl looks like.  Oh man.  Having a little dip in the weather lately and this Thai noodle soup is just what I need!  (Puket Cafe) But most importantly, the bowl is bigger than my head!  That’s kind of a requirement of mine.  Similarly, I have a rule that my cookie must be bigger than the palm of my hand.


It’s a rainy Saturday. B and I have already gone to the gym, BJ’s and taken a 3 hour nap.  Struggling a bit to get the little dude to eat until I figured out why a few days ago.  I’m a fast eater.  Always have been so I have a habit of when I am sharing B’s food, if he says he doesn’t want it, I eat it.  Well the other day I decided to just leave the food on the plate and he eventually decided to eat it.  Now if that didn’t make me feel like a hog, nothing will.  Now I won’t take his plate away so quickly because evidently he is a crazy slow eater. We’ve been sitting here for about 40 minutes and all he has eaten is the ketchup and butter come to find a few seconds ago he started eating the actual potato.  My son is after my own KerryGold lovin’ heart.


#Mommylife is hard, seriously.  This morning consisted of a serious Mr. Potato Head session. If I didn’t have my coffee, I don’t know how I would have made it.

And because I owe it to my readers (and myself); 7 days worth of  workouts below.  I’ve been doing a horrible job documenting my workouts.  But on the flip side, I prefer that I’m putting in the work and not documenting rather than the other way around.








Now I see I have a few more days missed but adding more of my journal pictures would be too much.  It’s like those posts that use 30+ hashtags.  Just don’t do it.  But I DO want to point out that today I did a version of “Bear Complex” with one of my girlfriends followed by “DT” which I PR’ed.  What’s more is that I PR’ed even with stopping to say hi to her daughter!  Boom!

“Bear Complex”
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press (from behind neck)
Start at 60% of Power Clean and build.  Ended at 115#

12 Deadlifts 95#
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk
9:55 including stopping to say “Hi” to friends daughter.  Last PR was 10:12 in 2013.  Seriously looking forward to doing this again. I’m thinking a few months.

Enjoy the weekend!!


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