About Me

I’m a mamma and wife juggling a (more than) full time job as a Business Development Manager while trying to live a healthy lifestyle. An avid crossfitter, health enthusiast, so-so cook and big time dog lover.  And by “big time dog lover” that means we have 4.

Now adding a “blogger” to my repertoire.

I don’t have fantastic genes, no ripped abs, a big butt and my job is not to blog or workout. This blog is one more thing for me to do on top of everything else.  Am I crazy? Probably. But I love to write. My pictures may show a pile of unpaid bills in the background or pending projects at work. My videos, if I post any, will most likely include 4 barking dogs and a (hopefully) cooing baby. Why would I want to edit that out? That. Is. Life.

This is not just about CrossFit. I might partake in yoga, start running, do Mommy and Me boot camp, mommy and me yoga, paddleboard, go hiking, workout at home….does Mommy and Me CrossFit exist yet? Anything is possible! The point is, this is going to friggin tough and I am going to do my best to make it happen.  I don’t want to lose myself just because I have had a child. I will incorporate him into my healthy lifestyle the best I can.

I’ve suffered from eating disorders, something that I don’t believe I will ever fully recover from. Before I was pregnant I was going to CrossFit 5 days a week and following Zone. I was in the best shape of my life. I had fallen off that Zone wagon and ate what the “baby” wanted me to eat (honestly I hated that excuse but it is what it is). By the time I went into labor I was about 200#.  It was the old version of me that was panicking over that number a little bit. (Starting weight 157#)

A healthy Mamma is a happy Mamma. And when Mamma is happy, everyone is happy.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And yes, I’m deaf. I’m not saying that you have to hear to be healthy. Just seemed apropos to include that in the “about me” section. After all that’s a pretty big part of who I am. I don’t get information like the hearing do. I don’t overhear something in passing or pickup on mindless chattering. I have to take initiative and go after what it is I’m looking for.

And if we ever do happen to cross paths; know that I’m not being rude if you try to talk to me. Make sure I’m looking at you! Plus, it’s good manners to always face the person you are speaking with anyway.

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: Note I am a health “enthusiast” and I speak from experience. I am not a doctor, nutritionist nor am I a personal trainer…but I do have my Level 1.

Read at your own risk 🙂


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