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Beach Days and Pizza Nights

Been having a little more fun in the kitchen lately.  I don’t know if it’s the house, the town or what but I hope it stays this way!  Many people want more money for travel, clothes, and nice things. I want more money to experience different foods!

(Let this serve as a reminder to pick back up on planning my food/running centric 40th birthday trip)

After we had an last minute beach day, because the “Jar of Happy” told us to.  (That’s the next post)  We headed home and I made portabella pizzas.  Not because I’m low carb or anything but because I saw some beautiful portabellas in the store and it was the first thing I thought to do with it.

This here is the recipe I followed. Because I give credit where credit is due

Portabella 1portabella 2portabella 3

Seriously, who doesn’t love a 10 minute dinner?  15 TOPS when you include prep.  This easily fit my macros including the one that my son didn’t eat.  What did I expect?  The kid loves pizza and who am I to mess with it?  If it’s not on crust, he doesn’t touch it.

More for me!

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Counter Carb Muscle

Been working on my “counter carb” muscle lately.  And by counter carb muscle, I mean the strength to not touch the carbs on the counter.

Carb Muscle.jpg

My husband has an insane carb tooth which has been passed down to my son.  I suppose I love the junk too but I can polish off an entire box in one sitting.  Well, 3 because I have to get up and refill my bowl.  But it really serves no purpose.  A) I’m not full.  B) No nutritional value and C)  The guilt. Oh good Lord the guilt.

On the flip side.…..

What I love about tracking macros is that you can eat these foods, as long as it fits your macros.  But my issue is that I want more than what fits my macros so I prefer not to touch it at all.  And that my friends, is the counter carb muscle I have been working on.

Or for lack of a better term willpower.

Stay strong people!  Or if you’re bulking, eat up!


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The evils of the checkout lane…or not

Oftentimes you hear health nuts warning of the evils of the snacks and candy in the checkout lane at the grocery store.

“Avoid them!”

“Be strong!”

I’m going to take the other side. Bear with me a moment.

Grocery shopping with my little dude isn’t always a walk in the park.  I have to bribe him.  Sometimes with one of those free cookies from the bakery.  So I save that cookie for last meaning he has to behave the ENTIRE time in order to get it.

On this particular day, I asked him if he wanted Cheez-Its (because he snagged his Daddy’s the day before).  “No” he says.

So I wait a few minutes, “Are you sure you don’t want Cheez-Its?”

“No Mommy!!”

Now in the cracker aisle, “Bubba, Cheez-Its?”


So I go about our shopping.  He behaves so he gets the cookie at the end and now we are in the checkout lane.

I place all the food on the belt and whip out my wallet.

“Mamma, I want Cheez-Its.”

Oh shit.  Now normally, I would say no because I don’t cater to every damn wish/request my son has.  He has to learn that you don’t always get what you want.  However, a full-blown tantrum while checking out at the grocery store I always try to avoid.

Anxiously scanning the shelves, BOOM, Cheez-Its.

Crisis averted.



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(Still) Alive and Kickin’

Well hello!

Yes I’m still very much alive. VERY much alive.  My little dude wants my undivided attention most of the time and when I’m not with him, I’m at work.  So basically, I’m indisposed 24 hours a day.  So busy that I haven’t even stripped the pee-soaked sheets off the bed yet.  However, I could be changing those sheets rather than blogging….which would you choose? I’ll get to it some time today.


Lately neither one of us has been very impressed with the food around here.  I can’t blame him for not wanting dinner when I don’t want it either.  I admit it, I eat too healthy, don’t salt my dishes enough… stuff is just plain boring.  Pinterest came to the rescue!  I needed something fast and delicious and that is what I got.

Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken foil pack.

I followed the recipe close enough. First off, I skipped the rice.  Not to cut calories or anything but quite frankly, I’m not a fan of rice.  I’m only a fan of it when it’s in my sushi.

Since I skipped the rice, I didn’t think I had to follow the weight of the chicken and cooking time so closely….and for once I was correct!  Given my track record with straying from a recipe when cooking, I was expecting a disaster.  Never happened.  *happy dance*

No rice, huge 11 oz pieces of chicken, sealed in the packet (with all listed ingredients) and cook for 40 minutes at 400*.

Holy crap this was good.  Why B wasn’t as crazy about it as I was blows me away.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t have taste buds.  Long story short, I ate almost all of it.  In 3 sittings.  *burp*

I MUST add that I was able to fit half a foil pack in my macros for dinner.  SCORE!

I used to have 2 desks in my home office and since becoming a Ma, my office now serves as my office/play room. No room for that 2nd table anymore.  So the hubs sawed the legs off the table to make it short enough to B.  A simple fix makes my man a genius.  I never would have thought to do that.  (Husband needs to be on flea market flip?)

Of course the table is mostly used as a step stool to get up in the bay window.  Not my favorite but I let him every once in awhile when I’m in the room.  Plus, how adorable does he look watching his daddy work on the truck??


My latest hobby is making to-do lists.  I love that satisfied feeling you get when you mark something off your list (and pray it doesn’t make its way back on).  I even enjoy buying the cute paper I write my to-do list on!  There is NO way I can function without it and anyone who says they can is lying.  Or sans kids.

Speaking of which, need to get started on that list.  Just crossed off number 1; “drink coffee”.



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Eating on the run


I had a terrible day traveling with the B man yesterday and my husband knew I needed a break today.  He decided to take B out and let me do my thing today.  I ran out of the house so fast that I forgot to eat.  Thank goodness I found these Salmon pouches.  SO good!

Even better that my had a camping spoon in my purse!!


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Coffee with Mr. Potato Head

This is what a hug in a bowl looks like.  Oh man.  Having a little dip in the weather lately and this Thai noodle soup is just what I need!  (Puket Cafe) But most importantly, the bowl is bigger than my head!  That’s kind of a requirement of mine.  Similarly, I have a rule that my cookie must be bigger than the palm of my hand.


It’s a rainy Saturday. B and I have already gone to the gym, BJ’s and taken a 3 hour nap.  Struggling a bit to get the little dude to eat until I figured out why a few days ago.  I’m a fast eater.  Always have been so I have a habit of when I am sharing B’s food, if he says he doesn’t want it, I eat it.  Well the other day I decided to just leave the food on the plate and he eventually decided to eat it.  Now if that didn’t make me feel like a hog, nothing will.  Now I won’t take his plate away so quickly because evidently he is a crazy slow eater. We’ve been sitting here for about 40 minutes and all he has eaten is the ketchup and butter come to find a few seconds ago he started eating the actual potato.  My son is after my own KerryGold lovin’ heart.


#Mommylife is hard, seriously.  This morning consisted of a serious Mr. Potato Head session. If I didn’t have my coffee, I don’t know how I would have made it.

And because I owe it to my readers (and myself); 7 days worth of  workouts below.  I’ve been doing a horrible job documenting my workouts.  But on the flip side, I prefer that I’m putting in the work and not documenting rather than the other way around.








Now I see I have a few more days missed but adding more of my journal pictures would be too much.  It’s like those posts that use 30+ hashtags.  Just don’t do it.  But I DO want to point out that today I did a version of “Bear Complex” with one of my girlfriends followed by “DT” which I PR’ed.  What’s more is that I PR’ed even with stopping to say hi to her daughter!  Boom!

“Bear Complex”
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press (from behind neck)
Start at 60% of Power Clean and build.  Ended at 115#

12 Deadlifts 95#
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk
9:55 including stopping to say “Hi” to friends daughter.  Last PR was 10:12 in 2013.  Seriously looking forward to doing this again. I’m thinking a few months.

Enjoy the weekend!!


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Bowl lickin’ good

Cake is in the oven, bowl is licked and B is napping.  Mamma got a little time for herself.

So B turns 2 (sobbing) on Monday and we are celebrating tomorrow with the family which explains the cake in the oven.  Growing up, my mom always made our cakes…..and my sister does the same for her kids now.  Some of my best memories are making birthday cakes so wanted to give it a try myself.  Unfortunatly, B is too young to help, and he is taking a nap, so I had to lick the bowl and spoon myself.  I don’t care what kind of “diet” you are on.  You must ALWAYS lick the bowl.

And the spoon.

And the beaters.

That reminds me of my favorite quote; “Good moms lets their kids lick the beaters.  Great moms turn them off first.”

I’ve continued to workout 5-6 days a week and eat a good diet. Diet isn’t good enough because my shoulders/arms are getting too big.  I actually cannot wear any of my shirts right now. It’s kind of a good problem to have.   On the other hand, I might just suck it up for a few more weeks because before long, I wont have to wear sleeves until the fall.

Made a snack recently that hits my sweet tooth and my carb macros; Wasa Crisp Bread (crackers), sunflower seed butter and banana.  If I don’t have enough carbs, I just don’t add the banana and it still does the trick for me.  I can eat this without hating myself…unlike the cake bowl I just licked.


This week was the first week of Spring which means we whipped out the grill and built a fire in the back yard.  Even though we don’t intentionally do it, we almost always grill and have a fire on the first day of Spring.  I actually think it is an unwritten rule that everyone must follow.


Then the next day it snowed.  I didn’t mind that it snowed but it was also a Monday which meant that my Facebook wall was full of people saying:
1) they hate Mondays
2) they hate snow
3) they hate snow on the 2nd day of Spring

So I pretty much logged off all day. I don’t need that kind of negativity.  And neither do you!


Now my house is filling up with the wonderful smell of chocolate cake which means the timer is about to go off.

“Hoppy” Easter everyone!


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