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Beach Days and Pizza Nights

Been having a little more fun in the kitchen lately.  I don’t know if it’s the house, the town or what but I hope it stays this way!  Many people want more money for travel, clothes, and nice things. I want more money to experience different foods!

(Let this serve as a reminder to pick back up on planning my food/running centric 40th birthday trip)

After we had an last minute beach day, because the “Jar of Happy” told us to.  (That’s the next post)  We headed home and I made portabella pizzas.  Not because I’m low carb or anything but because I saw some beautiful portabellas in the store and it was the first thing I thought to do with it.

This here is the recipe I followed. Because I give credit where credit is due

Portabella 1portabella 2portabella 3

Seriously, who doesn’t love a 10 minute dinner?  15 TOPS when you include prep.  This easily fit my macros including the one that my son didn’t eat.  What did I expect?  The kid loves pizza and who am I to mess with it?  If it’s not on crust, he doesn’t touch it.

More for me!

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Guess who’s back?


Took about a year off because it seemed pointless to have a blog and not write in it.  Turns out I miss the damn thing so let’s give this another go.

Still a mom. Still work full time. Still a glutton for punishment….or training as most would put it.

Only difference now is that we moved to the coast!  Ah, the salt in the air!  I, for one, love beach hair.  Rule of thumb, don’t even bother to do your hair when you come to the coastline.  Let nature take care of that for you.

Speaking of getting purty, for about 2 and a half years there, I let my face go on the wayside.  I still worked out but I didn’t have the energy to do my face and my hair was a disaster.  Then I was introduced to the most glorious monthly mail subscription which was the perfect solution to my problem; IPSY!

Now first let me say that, no I do not work for them nor will I get any sort of commission for mentioning it however if you sign up with my link, I will get a special somethin-somethin in the mail.  And who doesn’t love that?  Back to the point, for $10 a month, Ipsy will send a box of beauty/hair products based on a profile you fill out and lemme tell ya, in the 14+ months I have been doing this, they only missed they mark twice!

Sun is coming up and my sleepy-eyed little dude just made his way down the stairs.  Time to report for Mommy Duty!  Until next time, enjoy the view of my fantastic, serene and relaxing back yard.



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A different perspective

I write my best blog posts when I’m having my *ss handed to me (…..panting…..)

I’ve been a little down on myself lately.  Been eating well, working out and seeing no change in the scale or in how my clothes fit.  Everything is the same.

Or so I thought.

I just did “Helton” in my back yard while the hubs takes B to the store.  (39:36 in case you are wondering

) I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass door to our patio and realize something.  I am NOT the same.  I need to give myself a little bit more credit.  Look at my pictures and what do you see?  You see no change.  I look pretty much the same as I did 6 years ago.  I think that great!  I think it’s freaking amazing!  What you don’t see in the pictures is a marriage, moving to a new house, having a baby, 4 dogs and a full time job.  On top of all that I still manage to train 5-6 days a week, eat a healthy diet and wear the same damn clothes I wore in high school.

Sometimes you just need a different perspective.


The evils of the checkout lane…or not

Oftentimes you hear health nuts warning of the evils of the snacks and candy in the checkout lane at the grocery store.

“Avoid them!”

“Be strong!”

I’m going to take the other side. Bear with me a moment.

Grocery shopping with my little dude isn’t always a walk in the park.  I have to bribe him.  Sometimes with one of those free cookies from the bakery.  So I save that cookie for last meaning he has to behave the ENTIRE time in order to get it.

On this particular day, I asked him if he wanted Cheez-Its (because he snagged his Daddy’s the day before).  “No” he says.

So I wait a few minutes, “Are you sure you don’t want Cheez-Its?”

“No Mommy!!”

Now in the cracker aisle, “Bubba, Cheez-Its?”


So I go about our shopping.  He behaves so he gets the cookie at the end and now we are in the checkout lane.

I place all the food on the belt and whip out my wallet.

“Mamma, I want Cheez-Its.”

Oh shit.  Now normally, I would say no because I don’t cater to every damn wish/request my son has.  He has to learn that you don’t always get what you want.  However, a full-blown tantrum while checking out at the grocery store I always try to avoid.

Anxiously scanning the shelves, BOOM, Cheez-Its.

Crisis averted.



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Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m alive

Unless you read my last blog post 3 MONTHS ago, it bears repeating; I have no time for anything anymore.  Since B has been born almost 3 years ago, things are legit piling on top of each other.


I heard about bullet journaling and will try to give it a shot.  Honestly, I am still reading up about it but I have a feeling it will help me organize.  First I need to get my projects and thoughts organized before I can even start.

So, yeah, I’m still here and still kick myself in the *ss for not blogging as often as I used to but am going to set some sort of monthly goal for myself so I will stick to it.

Stay tuned.

Since this was not an exciting post I will leave you with a pretty picture from Christmas vacation.  Enjoy 🙂


Next level of mommy brains

Holy busy Batman!  I never have time for anything anymore!  I have about 5 medical bills that I need to call the hospital about, clean laundry in a pile in B’s room, my dirty hamper is overflowing, hair needs to be cut and colored (cancelled and rescheduled 3 times), physical therapy on my shoulder has yet to begin (however a pat on the back to me that I got the x-ray taken care of), boxes need to be unpacked from our kitchen remodel…..

I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to think about anything else that needs to be done.  I’m seriously over it. If it’s not coming to mind right now, it’s either not that important or I’m at capacity.

Picture below is the perfect example.  For about 2 months, every damn time I do my makeup, I make a mental note that I need to purchase some blush. The second I leave that bathroom….every time….I forget.  Now I’m blogging about it and guess what?  I still forgot.  Only came to mind because I was going through my phone for pictures to add to this post.

..and just for shit and giggles, literally, this is how I found my son pooping the other day.  I must admit, it’s a pretty nice bathroom, no?

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#toddlerlogic at it’s finest

Happy Labor(less) Day!

This morning started off beautifully.  We came home from camping early because clearly B is too young to go.  I was anything but relaxed so I told my husband to stay and enjoy himself while we went home and did our thing. I had to work on the kitchen anyway (new kitchen remodel begins on Tuesday!)

So back to this morning; it’s quiet, crisp outside and I get B watching cartoons while I cook breakfast and start emptying out the kitchen.  We eat, relax, color, play with stickers and then the little dude tells me he wants to go for a walk.  Why, YES, my son!  I’ll admit, it’s been very lazy around here since I’m recovering from suspected food poisoning so his wanting to move around got my *ss in gear.

But wait….he doesn’t want to put on clothes.

So there I was tripping over myself trying to get dressed with a half naked giggling toddler clinging to my ankle.   Finally got my clothes on injury free and attempted to get the dude dressed when he threw an epic meltdown sh*t show.

“B, do you want to go for a walk?”
“Then you need to put on some clothes.”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” (flinging body to the floor)

So I had to pull the at-home equivalent of “I’m turning this car around!”

…..I got back into my PJs.

It’s not often I want to put on pants and go outside but I’ve found an exception.  These Flux Joggers from Athleta.  Don’t ask questions, don’t argue.  Just go buy these and thank me later.

While I was hoping to get an Instagram filtered picture walking B in these joggers this morning, looks like that isn’t going to happen at the moment.




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