Coconut Oil Bucket List

Coconut oil is sure making the headlines lately in case you hadn’t noticed. I grew up on canola oil, vegetable oil, crisco and lard. EVOO didn’t make it into my kitchen until I was in college. Having options is always a good thing. It keeps it interesting in the kitchen. However when it comes to coconut oil, it is also keeping it interesting around the house, on your pets, in the bedroom….pretty much every room in the house.

That being said, I came across 76 uses for coconut oil from the Greatist ( and can’t help but wonder, is it all true? I can’t believe everything I read anymore. Take Pinterest for example. I love to surf the food boards and see these pictures of delicious looking smoothies. Others pin and talk about how fantastic it tastes despite the fact that it is so healthy for you. But when I make it….gag! Are you sh*tting me?!

So of the 76 listed below, I will try as many as I can and report the results. Feel free to try them yourself.


1. Care for our cuticles.

2. Treat your tresses to some TLC.

3. Use it as a frizz-fighter and flyaway-tamer.

4. Go for the glow.

5. Whip up an at-home face mask.

6. Nourish your lips.
Yep, this works.  Works up a dry nose too.  Thank you pellet stove!

7. Buff your skin.

8. Make bath time better.

9. Tint your lips.

10. Remove your makeup.

11. Moisturize your skin.
Yep!  Hands are always silky smooth after I slather this stuff all over the skin of my sweet potatoes before baking them.  I never wash my hands after I do this. I wipe the excess off with the paper towel.

12. Swap out your shaving cream.

13. Clean your makeup brushes.

14. Improve your acne.

15. Smooth your skin.
B had dry chapped skin underneath his lip, probably from a combination of the colder weather and him drooling.  I tried several lotions and to no avail. So while I was making my bulletproof coffee, I had a little bit of coconut oil on my finger and decided to rub it on B’s lip.  Would you believe it worked like a charm?

16. Improve scalp health.

17. Soothe sunburns.

18. Quiet down eczema flare-ups.
-I put this stuff on an itchy rash the other day and just realized that the rash is gone. What can this stuff NOT do??

19. Make your own massage oil.

20. Banish B.O.

21. Polish your pearly whites.

22. Soften and deodorize your feet.

23. Enhance your eyelashes.

24. Wax on, wax off!

For the Home

25. Make patent leather shine.

26. Get rid of gum residue.

27. Keep your shower squeaky clean.

28. Condition wooden flatware and furniture.

29. Clean metal items.

30. Fix squeaky hinges.

31. Care for your guitar.

32. Unstick a stuck zipper.

33. Treat leather.

34. Start a campfire—safely.

35. Keep motors in working order.

36. Season cast iron cookware.

For your fur babies

37. Cut down on hairballs.

38. Condition your pet’s fur.

39. Supplement your pet’s diet and health.

40. Relieve your pet’s itchiness.

In the Kitchen

41. Add it to coffee or tea.
-Added a little bit of coconut oil to my coffee this morning and unfortunately I don’t taste a damn thing. No hints of coconut….no sweet….nothing. Additionally, it seems to have separated itself from the coffee so I have a layer of oil over the top. Have to stir it before every time I take a sip.
-I used coconut oil in place of butter for my “bullet proof” coffee. It made it frothy in the blender but again, I didn’t taste a dang thing.
-3rd times a charm…and with a different brand too.  I used coconut oil and Kerry Gold butter in my bulletproof coffee.  Yummy, frothy and fills me up until it’s time to eat!

42. Make your own nut butter.

43. Cook up a storm.
-I have used this for cooking before and will again. I don’t taste anything coconutty when I use for sautéing. My favorite though; when I make coconut cream larabars, I use coconut oil and it is FANTASTIC! And I’m not just saying that. I brought the bars to a party and they were gone in seconds. (

44. Dress your salads.

45. Make your own granola.

46. Top your toast.

47. Eat it up.
-I couldn’t muster up the courage to down an entire spoonful of oil so I did a partial one. It wasn’t pleasant. Of course the “slew of health benefits” cannot be seen or felt by doing this just one time. It’s going to take everything in me to continue to gulp, yes gulp, down half a spoonful every morning.

48. Upgrade your smoothie.

49. Change up your baking game.

50. Pop it like it’s hot.

51. Switch up your topping.

52. Grease cookware and bakeware.

For your Health

53. Level up your oral hygiene.

54. Fight colds and the flu.

55. Prevent chafing.

56. Say goodbye to scratchy throats.

57. Lube up.
-Since having a baby, sex has been a bit uncomfy. Not only because of the trauma down there from the delivery itself but also because my BCP dries me up. Since I cannot use KY or other lubricants, my OB suggested we try coconut oil. Lets just say I have a separate jar of coconut oil in our bedroom labeled “XXX”.

58. Relax.

59. Get rid of lice.

60. Treat cold sores.

61. Protect scrapes and scratches.

62. Heal bug bites.

63. Calm bruises.

64. Treat yeast infections.

65. Improve your cholesterol.
-My cholesterol cannot be improved. It’s already very low.

66. Keep your stomach happy.

67. Clear up congestion.

68. Repel insects.

69. Treat the aches and pains of an ear infection.

70. Prevent nosebleeds.

71. Breastfeed more comfortably.
-My nipples are fine so I cannot test this. When I was in the hospital and had cracked nipples, we only had lanolin on hand.

72. Boost your metabolism.

73. Clean your dental accessories.

74. Clean your ears.

75. Boost your bone health.

76. Tip the scale in your favor.

Feel free to test some yourself and comment on it. I might be a bit reluctant to do the oil-pulling. Even more so now that I asked my dentist and he has never heard of it.


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