Does this really need explaining?!

  • Getting ready to give my son a bath, I turned the sink faucet in an attempt to turn on the shower #mommybrains
  • Getting ready to clean my ears, I stuck the q-tip up my nose.  #mommybrains
  • I tried to use my car key FOB to open the mailbox #mommybrains
  • I was in a PUBLIC bathroom, finished my business, pulled up pants up, turned around to flush the toilet but instead reached for the flush handle like I was getting ready to wash my hands. (I stopped short, thank God) #mommybrains
  • Flushing the toilet for the 2nd time because you forgot you flushed it not even 3 seconds ago.  (I probably did this before I had B too) #mommybrains
  • B was having a blast playing in the bathtub with his toys.  I saw a toy I had never seen before and sat there for a few seconds trying to remember where I got it.  It was poop. #mommybrains
  • Tired from an early morning with my 2yo, I FINALLY got to shower and when I attempted to dry my hair the hairdryer wasn’t turning on.  There I was angrily hitting the reset button trying to figure out why this POS won’t turn on…..only to find that this “POS” wasn’t plugged in.  #mommybrains
  • Tried to use my car key FOB to open my gym locker door. #mommybrains

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