CrossFit Games 2018 (at home)

It’s Games Week!

I’m no pro and I love a good challenge. Challenges that have you cursing you and your bright idea to take on such a task BUT when it’s all over, I’m tellin ya, best feeling ever.

I’ll never make it to the Games, or even Regionals. (definitely not with this attitude anyway) But I wanted to do as many of the Games WODs as I could now that I have a kick ass garage gym with just about everything I need. It’s a work in progress, but dang the hubs did a fantastic job!

Here is how it went down:

Day 1, August 1, 2018:

IE1: CRIT – 10 laps on a Bike, each lap being 1,200m. PASS. Not only do I not have a bike but I can’t think of anything to modify and make it even remotely close. So I’ll skip it.

IE2: 30 MU. Given I don’t have a (bar) muscle-up anymore, 30 wasn’t going to happen. So I opted for 30 chest to bar. To my disappointment on the very first one, I’m feeling sore and weak. So 30 pullups it is. Time: 3:34 *note to self, get chalk ASAP*

IE3: CrossFit Total (1RM Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift). This I was going to have to do from the ground because I have no rig. I knew it was going to be short and relatively light but I didn’t think it was going to be THIS light. 115#, 85# and 185# respectively. Da Fuq?!?

Ok fine, whatever. Moving on.

IE4: Marathon Row. Castro, you funny! Oh hell nah. Instead, I took the endurance WOD from @TheCrossFitBox. 8 Rds of 800m run, 80 DU and 20 burpees with a 1 hour time cap. Ho……..nope, couldn’t finish. In fact, I stopped sweating and my face was feeling funky. In the 4th 800m run, my !#?#$ timer stopped. Either way, at the hour I was just shy of 7 rounds; 6 rounds + 890 reps.

When I came inside, my husband had made chili. I can’t help but laugh. I ate it…and prayed.

See my friend Batilda?  She keeps me company when I workout during the day then vanishes into the night…..

Day 2, August 2, 2018:

I PR’ed rest day!

Day 3, August 3, 2018:

“The Battleground”. That sure isn’t happening either. How am I supposed to transform my backyard into an obstacle course? I guess with some money and extra muscle I could. But I have this thing called a full time job so I’ll have to skip this one. Instead I did a quick AMRAP from a local box

16 Wall(less) Balls 14#
15 Pullups
14 TTB
3 rds + 23

By the 3rd round I was slipping off the bar. I had absolutely no grip either with bare hands or with my bear grips. I ignored my “note to self” on day one to get the goddamn chalk!  So I switched over to pushups and abmat with the 14# med ball.

In an effort to keep with the “Battleground” theme, I took the CompTrain WOD for today and added battle ropes for cardio instead of an assault bike. *note to self, get an Assault Bike*

“Captain Insano”
3 rds of:
20 Deadlift 155#
1 minute battle ropes
20 Hang DB reverse lunges (30’s)
1 minute battle ropes
Time: 15:00

And of course that’s not all. Had to throw at least one more in there.

“Fibonacci” 6 minute time cap
Parallette HSPU
Double KB Deadlift
lunge 89′ with 2 KB OH (35’s)

So this one was easy to modify:
Deadlift #185
#30 DB OH lunge to end of gravel driveway and back

That one took a little time because I struggle with my HSPU….and got a busted blood vessel around my eye as a result.  But hey, I did it.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Not sure how it’s going to go down since the little dude is home with me all day.  But let’s find out.

Aaaaaand, good night.

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Too much of a good thing

We had a party.

One of my many flaws is that there are 2 times I get into a “clean the fridge” mentality. And by “clean the fridge” I mean eat everything.  The first instance is before I travel and I don’t want my food to spoil.  There is not much else I cannot stand more than rotten food.

The 2nd scenario is when I have a fridge full of all the leftover food from a party and I don’t want it to spoil either.  My husband isn’t a big leftover eater.  The little dude is getting there; he works on the raw veggies.  But after yesterdays party I have probably 40 pounds of cooked meet in the fridge.  (a slight exaggeration but damn it sure feels like it!) A tray of salad, trays of fruit and veggies, macaroni salad, potato salad, cookies, ice cream……let’s just stop there.

The meats, salad, fruits and veggies are clearly what I’m focused on.  Ice cream and cookies are in the freezer.  They are safe.  The macaroni and potato salad and just go ahead and rot.  I’m not a fan of those. Sorry, not sorry.

I’m fairly confident that you are muttering to yourself, “So what?  She binges on the healthy stuff”.  Well guess what?  There is such thing as too much healthy food.  You CAN have too many (good) carbs, too much (good) fat and too much protein.

Never did I think I would see this; bingeing in bed with a tray of salad?



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Don’t knock my eggs…

Remember in “Forest Gump” when they went on and on and on about things you can do with shrimp?  I think the exact same thing applies to eggs.  You’ve got hard boiled, scrambled, fried (sunny side up, over easy or over hard) or poached.  Heck, you can be one of those crazies that adds a raw egg to their smoothie.

You can mix ’em with a few ingredients and make cake or cookies, a hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, Instead of alfredo, you can add an egg directly to hot pasta and toss with parmesan to make it creamy.  They are so versatile!

My favorite way to eat them will get a double-take.  Bear with me.

Scrambled egg white (with NO seasoning) on top of a sweet rice cake with peanut butter.  Why does it work?  Because egg whites are a blank canvas.  They can go either way; sweet or savory.

Don’t knock it til you try it.


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Don’t say it….

“No Excuses”

I honestly hate it when people say that. I really do.  It’s always been used in a negative way, insinuating that someone is lazy.

“Did you workout today?”
“No, I was…..”


“Did you finish the draft for the marketing strategy meeting?”
“No, I am working on……”

I try to do everything.  Literally.  There are many people like me, we try to do it all. And guess what?  We CAN’T.  Yeah that’s right.  I said CAN’T.

I wanted to do a 2-a-day yesterday now that I have a home gym.  I worked out in the morning but then literally (yes I said “literally” again) had back to back meetings all day until the very second I had to pick up Boden from school.  Once I got him, we had to go to the grocery store, home to cook dinner and then the carpenter came over to measure the basement.  After dinner I wanted to spend some quality time with my son until he went to bed.  At that point, yes I could have done my 2nd workout but spending time reading in bed next to my husband was more important to me.

There was a “reason” I didn’t work out the 2nd time.  Just as there is a reason I might not get a project done.  I make every effort to do the best I can and that is all that can be expected of me.  If anyone expects more than your best, they are delusional.

So the next time you throw, yes throw, that word in someone’s face or vice versa, remember that people have priorities.  Not everyone’s priorities are the same or carry the same weight but you get my point.

So let me ask you, what’s your reason?  Actually scratch that. That’s nobody’s business but yours.



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Not all calories are created equal

Take a look at these 2 pictures: 400g of cherries and a serving (2T) of peanut butter.  Which one has less calorie?  Which one is healthier?

If you guessed cherries, you are wrong.

If you guessed peanut butter, you are also wrong.

Both are 200 calories.  So then what’s the difference?  MACROS!

Both are perfectly healthy for a balanced diet.  The cherries are predominantly carbs while the peanut butter is mostly fat.  Both can fit into your meal plan, assuming you aren’t keto.  But lets not go there please.

This is why I love tracking my macros and don’t give 2 sh*ts about calories.  Many people preach calories in versus calories out which I believe to be true to an extent.  I feel so much better with a diet of balance carbs, fats and proteins compared to XX number of calories a day of “whatever”.

True story, when I was in middle school, one summer I tried eating 1200 calories a day of strawberry fruit bars (popsicles) and ice cream sandwiches.  It didn’t work.

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The “C” Word

Let’ talk a little bit about the “C” word.

No, not the 4 letter “C” word.  Get your head out of the gutter.  I’m talking about “cheating”.  It’s everywhere.  I came across one yesterday when I was at the box but didn’t call him out.  While normally this would drive me up the wall, I was able to talk myself down when I realized something.


That’s right. Cheaters aren’t beating everyone else, they are failing themselves.  Think about that for a second.

We were doing a hero WOD.  I was running the last mile when the person in front of me had to stop to tie his shoelace.  Naturally I passed him up.  About a quarter mile later he was on my heels.  How? He cut across on the run.

Did I care?  No.  He is only hurting himself.  He shouldn’t care about beating a 39 year old woman.  His ego does, but it shouldn’t.  You are only to compare yourself to who YOU were yesterday.

While a little competition is healthy and can serve as motivation to push yourself harder, don’t sell yourself short and skim reps or seconds off your time just to beat someone else. You’re not doing yourself any favors.

So not only by cheating, are you doing less work that you claim to be.  You also have your actions on your conscience.

Is that what you want?


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He didn’t know any better…and Mamma learned something

I learned something yesterday.  Did you know that your local library has passes to museums and aquariums??  I had no idea!  I’m all for saving a buck here and there so I got us a library card (a total mom move) and picked up the passes that I have been using as a bargaining chip all. damn. week. with B.

“Stop whining or no aquarium”
“Put on your clothes or no aquarium”
“Get to bed or no aquarium”

You get my point.  Whatever works, right?

Then it reminded me of a funny (true) story of my own parenting hack.  Not sharing this hack would be doing all parents around the world a disservice.  So here it is.

About 2 years ago, I had taken B to an aquarium.  It was expensive, far and he walked the entire thing in 20 minutes.  Not even kidding.  He had been asking to go back to the aquarium but I don’t want to fork over that much money let alone the fact that it’s an hour drive.  Pass.  So instead of saying no……….

I took him to PetSmart and walked him down the fish aisle.  He flippin loved it!  Not only was he taken by the fish, but he also wandered down the hamster and bird aisles and admired those animals too.

Son is happy. Mamma is happy (and laughing her butt off when B isn’t looking)

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