At least once everyday something happens that you know you will look back on and laugh.  And I know you moms will laugh or at least nod to some of these.

  • Carrying my son around, he spit up over my shoulder, down the back of my leg and into the back of my shoe.  I had already changed twice and was wicked tired.  Didn’t even bother to change to leave the house at that point. #realmammaproblems
  • Getting ready for work in the morning, my son was playing quietly…..with my lipstick…..all over his face.  At least he was happy.  #realmammaproblems
  • With no time to shower in 4 days; I can get by on dry shampoo, baby wipes and perfume. No one is complaining yet. #realmammaproblems
  • Sometimes I just don’t want to share my ice cream with my son so I have to wait for him to go to bed. #realmammaproblems
  • I finished running errands before having to pick up B from daycare. Im so exhausted that Im sitting in a gas station parking lot, sipping my coffee and stalling to pick him up. I just want 20 minutes to myself. #realmammaproblems
  • My purse is getting so heavy that it set off the passenger seat belt signal.  #realmammaproblems
  • I’m so forgetful that I had to set a reminder in my phone to wax my lip.  It’s been 3 days since it went off and I still haven’t done it.  #realmammaproblems

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