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(Still) Alive and Kickin’

Well hello!

Yes I’m still very much alive. VERY much alive.  My little dude wants my undivided attention most of the time and when I’m not with him, I’m at work.  So basically, I’m indisposed 24 hours a day.  So busy that I haven’t even stripped the pee-soaked sheets off the bed yet.  However, I could be changing those sheets rather than blogging….which would you choose? I’ll get to it some time today.


Lately neither one of us has been very impressed with the food around here.  I can’t blame him for not wanting dinner when I don’t want it either.  I admit it, I eat too healthy, don’t salt my dishes enough…..my stuff is just plain boring.  Pinterest came to the rescue!  I needed something fast and delicious and that is what I got.

Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken foil pack.

I followed the recipe close enough. First off, I skipped the rice.  Not to cut calories or anything but quite frankly, I’m not a fan of rice.  I’m only a fan of it when it’s in my sushi.

Since I skipped the rice, I didn’t think I had to follow the weight of the chicken and cooking time so closely….and for once I was correct!  Given my track record with straying from a recipe when cooking, I was expecting a disaster.  Never happened.  *happy dance*

No rice, huge 11 oz pieces of chicken, sealed in the packet (with all listed ingredients) and cook for 40 minutes at 400*.

Holy crap this was good.  Why B wasn’t as crazy about it as I was blows me away.  Sometimes I think he doesn’t have taste buds.  Long story short, I ate almost all of it.  In 3 sittings.  *burp*

I MUST add that I was able to fit half a foil pack in my macros for dinner.  SCORE!

I used to have 2 desks in my home office and since becoming a Ma, my office now serves as my office/play room. No room for that 2nd table anymore.  So the hubs sawed the legs off the table to make it short enough to B.  A simple fix makes my man a genius.  I never would have thought to do that.  (Husband needs to be on flea market flip?)

Of course the table is mostly used as a step stool to get up in the bay window.  Not my favorite but I let him every once in awhile when I’m in the room.  Plus, how adorable does he look watching his daddy work on the truck??


My latest hobby is making to-do lists.  I love that satisfied feeling you get when you mark something off your list (and pray it doesn’t make its way back on).  I even enjoy buying the cute paper I write my to-do list on!  There is NO way I can function without it and anyone who says they can is lying.  Or sans kids.

Speaking of which, need to get started on that list.  Just crossed off number 1; “drink coffee”.



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Yeah, I know, I know.  It’s been ages since I have posted.  So I probably bit off more than I can chew.  Who hasn’t?  I’ve been meaning to post for a few weeks now but by the time I get B to bed at night, I don’t want to get back behind the computer.  I’m behind it ALL DAY!  No sir!  I have been bingeing on “Northmire” on Netflix.

Anyhoo, I had to post some foods finds, two of which I was able to snap a picture of.  The third, I ate too damn fast and threw away the bag.  Had no desire to dig through my trash to get a picture when I know I will be purchasing it again the next time I go to the store.  So #3 will have to wait.  These 2 however…..

I had a hankering for some fish when I was at the store.  I was at the freezer section in the fish department at Stop n Shop; saw some tilapia, flounder, swai, haddock, salmon….wait what?!  Swai?!  I have never heard of swai.  Shit, I don’t even know how to say it!  What’s more?  It was way cheaper than all the other fish.  Threw the bag in my cart.  Holy shit Batman. This. fish. is. good!  All I did was added a little salt and it abso-tootly perfect!  Next step is to learn what herbs go with fish and I’ll play with it.  But knowing that just plain salt works well makes this a very very very low maintenance dinner.


I’m always looking for something new to feed B.  Of course it’s easy to give him yogurt and hot dogs but why would I want to do that?  I want to find something that is healthy that we both enjoy.  I want him to learn to love healthy food just as I do.

And let me take a moment to brag.  Going out to eat with B, he doesn’t like ANYTHING on the kids menu.  Ever notice its fried foods and pasta?  He only wants what Mamma and Daddy eat.  That’s my boy!!

Back to my “food find”.  I came across a coupon for these spinach chicken sausages at BJ’s.  I mean, the name itself looks good!  I like chicken, I like spinach and even if he spits it out, more for me!  Turns out the little dude loves these just as much as I do.  We bought 2 packages on Sunday. Both of which were gone by Friday.


So long story short, both of these get 4 thumbs up.  *sticking both feet in the air*

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Sleep already!!!

Today is one of those days where I feel like such a failure as a Mamma.  At daycare, B takes a nap from 2-3 hours everyday at noon but for me, nothin’.

So it’s 12:02pm now and the little guy is exhausted….and screaming from him crib.  And yes my hearing aids are out.

So in an effort to distract myself, I thought I would blog.  Of course I’ve got one eye on the computer screen and one eye on the baby monitor.  That’s the way it is going to be until the day I die.  Right, Mammas?

The past few days, I’ve noticed just how picky of an eater B is becoming.  The other day he would only eat all the dark colored things on his plate and today he would only eat whatever was in my mouth.  I tried to give him banana and he kept spitting it out. He wanted a taste of my chewed up chicken and avocado sandwich.  I have to say, I AM a little impressed.  I prefer the sandwich to the banana too!

Then he wasn’t happy when the sandwich was all gone.  Ah crikey.

Holy shit…do you hear that?! Little dude has stopped crying!  Well I’ll be damned!

Now, what do I do with myself??

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Baby comes first

I got my first dose of experiencing all of the excuses that I hear others make.  I have been spoiled up until this point and the reality of our new situation (being a parent) is sinking in.  You saw Monday’s WOD kick my *ss and a good thing it did because the rest of my week did not go as planned.  I knew I was not able to go to the box on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I planned to go on Thursday and Friday.

The short version;  it didn’t happen.

The long version; Tuesday and Wednesday had passed and no gym.  I did however, get a short run in. A very slow, ugly run but a run nonetheless. Wednesday night B got a fever.   And the rules for his daycare are that he had to be fever-free for 24 hours without medicine before he can come back.   In other words,  he’s staying home with me Thursday. 

Now I may be selfish at times but not selfish enough to leave my sick child to go workout.  So Thursday B got my undivided attention…..as he should. 

Actually, undivided attention after I made this

I’ve got to eat darn it! I got this recipe from my Martha Stewart magazine. I roasted a whole chicken with sweet taters, onion and cauliflower. The recipe called for pancetta (which I didn’t have) so I threw in some bacon. Why? Because bacon.

Then Friday comes. B has been fever-free for 24 hours but now I think his temperate is too low. Before you roll your eyes, pretty much all first time mommies go through this. I learn as I go. But because I was on the phone trying to get ahold of his doctor, we were late for daycare which made me miss class. So I finally take advantage of the other gym I am a member of.

I really don’t like going to a globogym anymore. Im not that girl that goes to the gym in full makeup, hair done, matching clothes and spends 45 minutes on the elliptical. Goddammit Im gonna move some serious weight! So you can imagine how irritating it is when the guys just sit around and stare.

Lets keep it moving along……

The Sweat
The show they got was me working on my clean and jerks. I only got up to 125# because there wasn’t enough room on the platform for me to do a split jerk. Plus my wrist is HURTING! Crap.

Then because those cool kids are standing around the racks talking, I just did back squats with the bar from the ground. 1 set of 20 at 95#

I honestly believe some people think just walking into the gym builds muscles. Seriously, lift or go home.

Then to really throw those guys off, I did negative chin-ups because how often do you see chicks doing chin-ups? Your welcome ladies.

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Get your feet off the table

This is the ONLY time it is acceptable to have feet on the table


Chicken from the grill with green beans sauteed in evoo and red pepper flakes. 

B loves to watch me eat.  Won’t be long before he is reaching for my stuff. 

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What next?!

Oh man, when it rain it’s pours right? No wonder I look forward to picking up B everyday! He releases me of all my stress!

In the last 12 hours I got hit with a migraine while attempting to grocery shop because I have no food. Instead, I bought Motrin and waited in the car until I I could see again and headed home.

Once home, since I didn’t make it to the store, I searched high and low for something to make for dinner. Score! Sautéed cabbage with leftover green beans and baked chicken topped with avocado. Then immediately dropped the ENTIRE plate on the floor. Imagine trying to clean that up with a crying baby and a dog sneering at me because I won’t let her eat it.

So ate the little leftovers that I had left in the pan then made a protein smoothie to fit my remaining macros for the day.

Then woke up this morning to the “blue screen of death”

Is it Friday yet?


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