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Gas on the fire


This picture shows 2 possible scenarios. Which do you think it is?  I just finished a WOD and I’m exhausted or I’m draggin *ss and have no motivation to get moving?

(The beauty of social media is that you can pick whichever version you want and broadcast it)

“Where is your FIRE?”

Is what I wrote under this mornings WOD.  I love having a garage gym.  I love being able to go out there any time I want (pretty much).  It’s basically my she-shed.

What I wasn’t prepared for is the lack of motivation and push that you get when working out with others.  Getting up at 4am to lift is getting easier since its becoming a routine.  But metcons are getting more difficult.  There is no fire.  I am finding that I have more success lifting at 4am and then throwing down a metcon later in the day.  Whatever works right?

Definitely looking to join a box again however.  I will still be working out at home but I need to be around people….that are taller than 44″.  (No offense to my son)

Have a happy day y’all 🙂


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New Adventures

It’s been 1 week since I last posted.  (Happy Birthday Ma!!)

Pretty routine around these parts….as expected from a working mother.  4am garage workouts, feed/dress son, drop off at preschool, work, pick up son, make dinner, watch tv (yeah yeah don’t judge) then bed.  I’m even eating the same foods!

I need spice.  I need to mix it up but at the same time I have a very hard time changing my routine.  Once I get into my routine, that’s how it is.  Which is why I am where I am right now.  Not depressed, no.  Not unhappy, no.  Just need something.  Something is missing.

One thing you will notice that is missing is a social life.  For many working moms, their workplace is their social life.  It’s how they interact with people outside their homes.  I, however, work from home so I don’t have that luxury.

I DO however have the luxury of setting my own schedule (for the most part) and deciding whether or not I want to wear pants.

My hamstrings aren’t healing like I hoped they would despite the fact I’m stretching and not running.  My lifts are getting incredibly weaker (I missed a #135 clean when my last PR was #175).  Makes me wonder, did I hit my prime?  Am I done with that part of my life?  Do I need to take up Tai Chi and water aerobics?

Goes without saying that my plans to run the Marine Half Marathon are out along with the Trailfest in Utah.

All that said, I’m doing a bit of reflecting.  Maybe I’ve just hit a temporary slump.  Maybe I need to revive myself by working out with people again.  Maybe I just need to find a mommy friend.  After all, B is meeting all sorts of kids at preschool and having a great time.  I need to do the same.

Why is meeting friends as an adult so damn hard?  It feels like dating!

I’m going to have to go outside my comfort zone a little bit.  Set a new challenge.  Set a new goal.  I’m going to see this as an exciting adventure.  After all, life is one adventure after another!   If my “adventure” consists of staying up an hour later to relearn how to arm knit, then so be it!

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Sunday is Mamma’s Funday

Saturday didn’t happen.   I wanted to but I woke up butt-hurt.  Literally.  My butt hurt.  I’m no where near “Games” level but dang.  It’s also really hard to get moving out the door when you don’t have a quarter million dollars on the line.

So Saturday was mommy duties; a haircut for the little guy, grocery shopping and a failed bribe attempt for an afternoon nap which resulted in a cranky mamma. How is it I can lift, WOD and work an 8 hour day, but I cannot for the life of me stay awake after running TWO errands with a 4 year old on a Saturday?

Now it’s Sunday and I’m seeing how much I can catch up.  The “Madison Triplus” is a no go.   For cardio, I started with @thecrossfitbox Friday’s post:
Unbroken doubleunders (if you trip up, you have to start that set over.  Rest as needed between sets)
Time: 28:46.  Tripped up more than I’m used to but a good warmup nonetheless.

Then a scaled “Chaos” to what I will call “Mini Chaos”
25 Burpees to target
40 single arm DB OHS 30#
45 pistols (used the box for support)
25 box jump overs 24″ (considered 30″ but was worried about tripping)
Time: 11:00

Came inside to see my son eating breakfast quietly at the table….and my other half back in bed.

Fair is fair.  Now it’s his turn to get to the gym.

Not sure how the rest of today’s WODs will pan out since we have a cookout to head to.

Live long and “perspire”

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CrossFit Games 2018 (at home)

It’s Games Week!

I’m no pro and I love a good challenge. Challenges that have you cursing you and your bright idea to take on such a task BUT when it’s all over, I’m tellin ya, best feeling ever.

I’ll never make it to the Games, or even Regionals. (definitely not with this attitude anyway) But I wanted to do as many of the Games WODs as I could now that I have a kick ass garage gym with just about everything I need. It’s a work in progress, but dang the hubs did a fantastic job!

Here is how it went down:

Day 1, August 1, 2018:

IE1: CRIT – 10 laps on a Bike, each lap being 1,200m. PASS. Not only do I not have a bike but I can’t think of anything to modify and make it even remotely close. So I’ll skip it.

IE2: 30 MU. Given I don’t have a (bar) muscle-up anymore, 30 wasn’t going to happen. So I opted for 30 chest to bar. To my disappointment on the very first one, I’m feeling sore and weak. So 30 pullups it is. Time: 3:34 *note to self, get chalk ASAP*

IE3: CrossFit Total (1RM Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift). This I was going to have to do from the ground because I have no rig. I knew it was going to be short and relatively light but I didn’t think it was going to be THIS light. 115#, 85# and 185# respectively. Da Fuq?!?

Ok fine, whatever. Moving on.

IE4: Marathon Row. Castro, you funny! Oh hell nah. Instead, I took the endurance WOD from @TheCrossFitBox. 8 Rds of 800m run, 80 DU and 20 burpees with a 1 hour time cap. Ho…..ly…..nope, couldn’t finish. In fact, I stopped sweating and my face was feeling funky. In the 4th 800m run, my !#?#$ timer stopped. Either way, at the hour I was just shy of 7 rounds; 6 rounds + 890 reps.

When I came inside, my husband had made chili. I can’t help but laugh. I ate it…and prayed.

See my friend Batilda?  She keeps me company when I workout during the day then vanishes into the night…..

Day 2, August 2, 2018:

I PR’ed rest day!

Day 3, August 3, 2018:

“The Battleground”. That sure isn’t happening either. How am I supposed to transform my backyard into an obstacle course? I guess with some money and extra muscle I could. But I have this thing called a full time job so I’ll have to skip this one. Instead I did a quick AMRAP from a local box

16 Wall(less) Balls 14#
15 Pullups
14 TTB
3 rds + 23

By the 3rd round I was slipping off the bar. I had absolutely no grip either with bare hands or with my bear grips. I ignored my “note to self” on day one to get the goddamn chalk!  So I switched over to pushups and abmat with the 14# med ball.

In an effort to keep with the “Battleground” theme, I took the CompTrain WOD for today and added battle ropes for cardio instead of an assault bike. *note to self, get an Assault Bike*

“Captain Insano”
3 rds of:
20 Deadlift 155#
1 minute battle ropes
20 Hang DB reverse lunges (30’s)
1 minute battle ropes
Time: 15:00

And of course that’s not all. Had to throw at least one more in there.

“Fibonacci” 6 minute time cap
Parallette HSPU
Double KB Deadlift
lunge 89′ with 2 KB OH (35’s)

So this one was easy to modify:
Deadlift #185
#30 DB OH lunge to end of gravel driveway and back

That one took a little time because I struggle with my HSPU….and got a busted blood vessel around my eye as a result.  But hey, I did it.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Not sure how it’s going to go down since the little dude is home with me all day.  But let’s find out.

Aaaaaand, good night.

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The “C” Word

Let’ talk a little bit about the “C” word.

No, not the 4 letter “C” word.  Get your head out of the gutter.  I’m talking about “cheating”.  It’s everywhere.  I came across one yesterday when I was at the box but didn’t call him out.  While normally this would drive me up the wall, I was able to talk myself down when I realized something.


That’s right. Cheaters aren’t beating everyone else, they are failing themselves.  Think about that for a second.

We were doing a hero WOD.  I was running the last mile when the person in front of me had to stop to tie his shoelace.  Naturally I passed him up.  About a quarter mile later he was on my heels.  How? He cut across on the run.

Did I care?  No.  He is only hurting himself.  He shouldn’t care about beating a 39 year old woman.  His ego does, but it shouldn’t.  You are only to compare yourself to who YOU were yesterday.

While a little competition is healthy and can serve as motivation to push yourself harder, don’t sell yourself short and skim reps or seconds off your time just to beat someone else. You’re not doing yourself any favors.

So not only by cheating, are you doing less work that you claim to be.  You also have your actions on your conscience.

Is that what you want?


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Lift yourself up, dust yourself off and slap on some lipstick

Its finally starting to feel like spring around here but I know it wont stick around. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another snow. If I’m not mistaken, we had snow on April the last 2 years.

Here I sit on the couch in front of our broken pellet stove drinking a rather large mug of espresso with B sitting on the middle arm rest. Today there is a St Patty’s parade in one of the small quaint towns up here in Connecticut. Of course all week I said I would go, now the morning of, I don’t feel like it. Part of me wants to go just to do something different but then I’d have to deal with the hour drive, crowds and traffic.

Being the gym rat that I am, I’d rather go to the gym this morning. Not only for the obvious reasons but also because I need to shower!!! B is too young for me to leave alone while I shower. You know how moms always get suspicious when their kids are too quiet? Try being deaf. Its ALWAYS quiet. I much prefer noise. So, yes, I would prefer to go to the gym where there is daycare so I can shower. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use that excuse before.

Last week I was getting pretty hard on myself.  Not the ways I used to though. It wasn’t about body image or “I’m too fat”…..I’m past that.  Like 15 years past that. This was more of the “Getting Older” blues.  My family is far away and B isn’t able to play with his cousins, aunt/uncles and grandparents like I did mine.   On top of that, I miss me! I used to take the time to take care of myself; dress up, face on, hair done….but no time or energy for that anymore.  I’m quite confident that every single mother reading this post is nodding right now.

It took me a few days, but I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off.  First I started with putting on hot pink lipstick even though I was just going to drop B off at daycare and guess what?  My mood was way up.  Its interesting what a little lipstick will do for you.

One of the reasons why I stopped putting on my face is because I hate hating to clean it off every night.  It just occurred to me that I have to wash my face every night anyway…..so on my face went.  Many won’t agree that you need to wear makeup to feel/look pretty.  Well, I do and to each their own.

And yes I kept the hot pink lipstick on while I work out.  I shouldn’t knock the other girls that wear theirs when they do.  Maybe they are going through the same thing I am.




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A small miracle happened

A small miracle happened yesterday.  While I was out shopping I got a text from my stepdaughter offering to watch B while the hubs and I went to dinner.  Don’t mind if I do!

But it gets better…..

On the way home, B fell asleep in the car however I was able to successfully transition him to bed where he continued him nap.

And yes, it gets better……

For the first time in EVER I took a shower and got ready for our night out while B stayed asleep.  Wha?!  I kept going in there and checking on him because this is just nuts.  When I was done getting ready, I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself.  At this point I’m using to chasing B and keeping him out of the trash can or something.

So I popped open a bottle of Riesling that was literally calling my name.  Literally.


So there I sat in front of the fire, watching “Miami Ink” and drinking my delicious wine.  The stars had aligned the evening of February 13, 2016.

At dinner, I was reaching for some chapstick in my purse when I started to laugh.  I was so excited about going out that I forgot to clean out (or change) my purse.  I’m sure other mammas have this problem.  My date night purse consisted of my regular stuff….plus diapers, wipes and desitin.


Speaking of chapstick, of all things, I didn’t have any in my purse.  Did you know that butter makes a good alternative?

So I had a “food find” this week. Normally I don’t go running to the store for something I saw on a commercial but a) it looked good b) I also saw it on my iBotta app and c) I am not at all inspired to cook lately.

I had made buffalo cauliflower before and it was a bit of work.  I’m plumb tuckered out and don’t feel like cooking much lately so this looked absolutely fantastic.  Tastes great although B didn’t think so.  He was too busy working on the rotisserie chicken I bought.

Bottom line, I’ll buy it again.


Another week at the gym.  Managed 5 times which is better than when I was going to CrossFit.  Getting a little bit stronger every time!  5# doesn’t seem like much but it’s an accomplishment.

I’m sure you notice there is a ton of redundancy in Outlaws programming.  But you know what? The sh*t works.  When I want to switch it up, that’s what the WODs are for.


Below was absolutely positively terrible.  Why?  Because I was bored out of my ever living mind!  I am been wanting to run lately but it’s just too damn cold out there!  So one day I didn’t feel like lifting.  Instead I opted for CrossFit Endurance long intervals. If I was outside, this would not have been a problem but I didn’t have that choice.  I was on a treadmill and it was a nightmare.  Can you tell by my writing??

This is what it says,
7 minutes on, 7 minutes off
Incline of 2%
Range 2-5 rounds
Walked 3 minutes then began the intervals.  Running at 6.0 and walking at 3.0.  By the 3rd round, I wanted to scream.  So I left.


Happy Valentine’s Day all!!

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