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‘Tis the season of snug pants

Adulting is no joke.  I want to be a kid again.  Why is it too much to ask to just win the lottery so my bills will take care of themselves?

As you can tell by the lack of my posting, I have been insane busy.  On top of that, not inspired to write since my mind has been elsewhere.  That’s bound to happen from time to time.  Or I AM inspired to write but not physically able to.

I continue to attempt eating healthy and keep active over the holidays.  Ahem…note the italics.  Between my girl trip in October and going home for Thanksgiving, the scale went up 10#.  Ah well.  It could be worse!  Although my jeans are snug, I have continued to hit up the box at least 3 times a week.

I was thinking about this the other day as I try to put a plan together for after the holidays.  There are several factors to consider here.  But before we get into those, my food choices are healthy but my portions are not spot on.  Portioning my macros is key for me.  At 36, whoops, 37 years old, I still haven’t learned how to eat the right portions without tracking it.  Will I ever?  If you have any tips, feel free to tell me because quite frankly I feel like I’m forever chained to My Fitness Pal.

The “factors” at play here that are wrecking havoc on me are 1) I am breastfeeding less and 2) I’m not endurance training anymore.  Considering those 2 factors, I cannot justify my 8 ounce sweet tater with Kerrygold butter anymore.   That in mind, I have to rework my macros which I will take care of after the holidays.  I’m setting myself up for failure if I started now.

I decided to try something new and starting going to a new Barre3 studio in town.  I thought I had this.  Thought it would be no big deal, just something different.  I could not have been more wrong!  I had muscles on fire that I didn’t know existed!  It took everything in my power to not grimace and grunt….everyone else looked so graceful and proper.  Sheesh. And yes I went back.  3 more times.  I love challenges.  It ticks me off when I can’t do it which makes me want to do it more.  Competitive you say?  Yep.

Only reason I stopped going was because I had no more free classes left.  As much as I want to purchase a class package, I already belong to TWO CrossFit boxes.  Which brings me back to my original question, when am I going to win the goddamn lottery?!

Started playing around with food again.  Everyone is talking about this “bone broth” which my family has been making since…..forever?  Any time we make chicken, we always take the bones, throw it in a pot with water and herbs and cook for hours.  I’m reading that bone broth is to be cooked for at least 24 hours but we stick to about 3 or 4.


Doesn’t it look delightfully gross?  I had a 3# rotisserie chicken from BJ’s that I had polished of myself.  (Don’t tell me I’m the only one that tears through a chicken with their bare hands!)  I threw the skin in there for the hell of it. Came out fairly decent.  Of course it’s not as good as my Mamma’s.  Nothing ever is.


Between B and I, sweet potatoes are still a must-have around this house.  I end up making them by the bag.  Clean, poke with holes, rub with EVOO and sprinkle with salt.  425* for an hour or until done.  “Done” for me is when I can easily pierce it with a knife.


What you see here was an experiment with old bananas.  While I love banana bread, I don’t like it when I polish off an entire loaf by myself.  I had a sweet tooth….and I wanted something NOW so I found a recipe on pinterest using bananas, oatmeal, chocolate, coconut……and now as I am writing this I realize that I don’t have the recipe!  Which is okay because I didn’t necessarily like the cookie.

So why did I add it to this blog?  Because I’m an *sshole I guess.

Happy Holidays!


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I’ll shave later

….was what i was telling my son from the shower.   B is home today with a nasty cold that is probably directly related to his teething.   Regardless,  he’s choking on his snot.  (Nice, eh?) My sorry attempt to play peek-a-boo from behind the shower curtain wasn’t entertaining enough for him so the shaving will have to wait.   On the flip side,  my legs that are starting to resemble that of a gorilla will keep me warm.   Right?

I’ll just keep telling myself that.

My morning CrossFit class will have to wait.   Not a problem at all for me.   I was able to get 3 classes in so far this week. 

And good classes they were….



But you know my favorite part of working out?  My dessert after.


Those are the little bits of dark chocolate from my Nutriwhey protein shake.  Heavenly.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Cups

I’m a Pinterest addict. Who isn’t? I can easily pin random stuff for hours on end especially around the beginning of fall. Why? Because chunky sweaters, distressed boyfriend jeans, adorable baby Halloween costumes and pumpkin recipes. That’s why.

But what’s so interesting is that I don’t really even care for pumpkin, unless of course it’s a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Which I am only allowed one per year, if that. So why did I pin the pumpkin cup? No idea but my step daughter LOVES anything and everything pumpkin so I decided to make them for her birthday.

Tweaked the recipe to make it “mine” 🙂


And I have to say, it looks like a pin-trocity but it was pretty tasty.  Of course I ate it too soon. Seems to be an ongoing problem with me.  C ate it tonight (after being in the freezer for 2 days) and said it was delicious.

1/2 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp clove
2 Tblsp agave nectar
about 4 oz of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips
1/4 c milk

In a food processor, blend the almonds. I like to keep them in little bits so I get that nutty crunch when I bite into it.
Then add the pumpkin, agave and spices and continue to pulse until well mixed. Set aside.
In a saucepan, melt chocolate with milk on low heat. Stir often until silky smooth.
In a standard size muffin tin, place 6 liners and pour a small amount of chocolate on the bottom of each.
Set in freezer about 10 minutes until hard
Once frozen, add the pumpkin mix equally between all 6 then top with the remaining chocolate.
Put back in freezer for a few hours or until chocolate is set.

I plugged this recipe in My Fitness Pal and got the nutrition breakdown. (I seriously love this app!)

This recipe makes 6 servings. Each serving (1 cup) is:
201 calories
12.3 grams of Fat
22.1 grams of Carbs
3.4 grams of Protein

But really, if you want the original recipe, I have to credit mywholefoodlife.com.


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