It’s not just a headache

When I was pregnant with my little man, I knew at least 15 people that were also pregnant. So you can bet my Facebook wall was full of anything and everything related to being pregnant. Anyone who has had a bun int he oven will tell you about the seemingly endless list of symptoms you may (ahem, WILL) experience. The gas, heartburn, sleepless nights, numb arms/legs, aching back, thick hair, swollen ankles, stuffy nose, puffy lips, acne….

Some people, namely me, had symptoms that had even my OB-Gyn scratching her head. My hair “down there” hurt. Yep. You read that right. The. Hair. I didn’t even google to see if I could understand “why” it hurt because so many weird things were going on with my body. I just accepted it with a chuckle. Yeah, I chuckle because it IS weird right?

So while I am getting used to all of this stuff going on with my body, I may have convinced myself that it would all go away after our baby was here. Almost 10 weeks post partum and my gas is worse. You would think that I was eating broccoli, sprinkled with brussel sprouts wrapped in kale. Maybe this is why my Boston Terrier won’t sit with me anymore? At least the heartburn is gone. And thats the silver lining!

While some symptoms do disappear, others may surface. Which brings me to Monday, June 2nd. I had never experienced a migraine before. I think some people throw that word around when they really just have a headache. But those that really do suffer from it, god bless you!

You know when you are driving and the sun hits the back window of the car in front of you wrong? Well that’s what happened so I thought I was seeing sun spots. Negative. By the time I got home from the bank, I couldn’t see! Once I got my little man down for his nap, I was in bed with all the lights off and sunglasses on. Two and a half hours go by and I still can’t see anything, I’m feeling sick, weak and absolutely freaking out. I’m already deaf…now I can’t see?!? One call to the doctor and they have me headed to the ER. Any change in headaches expecially after having a baby needs to be evaluated.

So to the ER I go.

And we wait…..

And wait……

And wait……oooh, Cops is on TV. A prostitute got punched in the face so she called the Cops. She’s crying because she is getting arrested too! What an idiot.

And we wait….finally we see the doctor! But guess what? I’m feeling better. Migraine is gone. Figures.

While no bloodwork was done, or any tests for that matter, the doctor having heard my symptoms says it was a classic case of a migraine. The stresses of becoming a new mom both emotionally and physically, along with hormone changes and lack of sleep can trigger a migraine. Makes sense. It is possible to develop a tendency to get migraines after you have a baby. My prescription? Fluid, food, rest and Motrin.

So to all the new mothers out there, keep this in mind. If this happens to you, call your doctor if you are not prone to migraines.

Needless to say, Monday ended up being a rest day.

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